Our commitment to students
includes a commitment to protecting
the future of their environment.

We see the integration of sustainable features into our communities as a critical component of delivering
the best experiences for students. We know that a healthy, comfortable and socially responsible living environment
is important to our residents, and to the future of our planet.

It's not only the right thing to do; it also makes good business sense - generating long-term value through
operational efficiencies that benefit our company, our stakeholders and our communities.

Read American Campus Communities' 2020 Environmental, Social & Governance Update here. 
Environmental Management System Policy


Site Planning and Circulation: 
Minimize heat loads and facilitate natural ventilation through site planning. Situate communities on or in close proximity to campuses, emphasizing pedestrian and bicycle circulation and minimizing vehicular impact.

Integrated Design Process: 
Employ energy models for systems analysis to lower environmental effects while increasing operational efficiencies and long-term savings.

Building Specifications and Designs: 
Apply innovative design principles to conserve water and energy, protect indoor air quality and create healthy living spaces.

Materials Selection: 
Utilize regional and recycled products and responsible waste management processes to conserve valuable resources and to fuel the local economy.


We continually evaluate and refine sustainability standards in our communities.

Leveraging Our Experience: Implement best practices established in new developments in older communities.

Our Capital Improvement Program: Enhance the efficiencies, durability or replacement of existing materials and systems.

Education & Behavior

We promote green living to our people and residents, leading by example.

Educate: Inform and engage our people on sustainable behaviors and community involvement.

Empower: Enable our people to create lasting value through sustainable practices, opportunities and solutions.

Inspire: Use sustainable community features and programs as residential teaching aids.


ACC’s Commitment to LEED®.

ACC has extensive experience building LEED-certified projects across the country and provides our university partners with innovative and practical methods for improving the sustainability of each proposed project. Using an approach that integrates design and technical considerations, ACC develops solutions that meet the project’s budgetary requirements while maintaining environmental integrity.

Learn more About the USGBC and LEED

Leed Platinum

Northeastern University
LightView, 2019

Leed gold

Arizona State University
Tooker House, 2017
Barrett Honors College, 2009

University of California, Irvine
Plaza Verde, 2019
Camino Del Sol, 2010  
Puerta Del Sol, 2010

University of California, Riverside
Dundee Residence Hall, 2021

Princeton University
Lakeside Graduate Community, 2014
Stanworth Commons, 2014

San Francisco State University
Manzanita Square, 2020

Butler University
Irvington House, 2018
Fairview House, 2016

University of Hawaii At Manoa
Frear Hall, 2008

University of New Mexico
Casas Del Rio, 2012

Arizona State University
ASU West Dining Facility, 2012
Manzanita Hall, Fall 2013

CUNY – College of Staten Island
Dolphin Cove, 2013

USC – Health Sciences Campus
Graduate Student Community, 2015

LEED Certified

University of New Mexico
Lobo Village, 2011

The University of Texas at Austin
The Callaway House Austin, 2013

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