Mission & Values

Our Mission

Consistently provide every resident with an environment conducive to healthy living, personal growth, academic achievement and professional success.

Our values help us get there.

  1. Put students first.

    Put students first.

    Student success is our number one priority. Whether it's providing the tools they need to succeed academically, creating a community atmosphere that lets them thrive socially, or including amenities to help them maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, our student-centric approach means students always come first.

  2. Be passionate.

    Be passionate.

    If we want our residents to love where they live, we know we have to love what we do. And believe us, we do. Our passion for helping students succeed can be seen in everyone from the Community Assistants to the CEO (and everyone in between). It's an enthusiasm that inspires our employees, our partners, and most importantly, our residents.

  3. Surprise and delight.

    and delight.

    "Good enough" just won't do. From the communities we create to the partnerships we build, we aim to exceed expectations you haven't even thought of yet. Going above and beyond is just how we operate.

  4. Do the right thing.

    Do the
    right thing.

    We’ve built our business on integrity, trust and lasting partnerships. That means keeping our word and delivering on what we promise. We do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do for our employees, partners and residents – and for our business.

  5. Pursue growth.

    Pursue growth.

    Growth keeps our company vital, competitive and adding value. And, it also keeps our employees fulfilled, personally and professionally. Growth means unlocking potential, taking on new challenges and achieving more than you could have imagined. It’s a value we hold for ourselves and instill in our residents.

  6. Create team spirit.

    team spirit.

    We know what it means to cheer for a team – and what it takes to be part of one: collaboration, communication and commitment. It also takes flexibility, and a bit of fun. Sometimes you’re the coach, and sometimes you’re the running back. But either way, mutual respect and being in it together make moving the ball forward that much easier.

  7. Reward achievement.

    Reward achievement.

    Our organization was built on a promote-from-within philosophy that lets you climb as high as your ambition. And that’s not just talk. Self-motivation, initiative, creative thinking, and going above and beyond have turned more than one community assistant into a senior vice president. Our standards are high, but the rewards are great.

  8. Drive evolution.

    Drive evolution.

    We revolutionized the industry, and we’ve never stopped evolving it. Innovative products and services, new ways of thinking, and continual self-evaluation maintain our competitive advantage and allow us to meet the emerging needs of an ever-changing marketplace.

  9. Optimize.


    Pairing technology, highly efficient operating systems, sustainability solutions and sound business practices with an environment of continuous improvement helps us deliver the best possible experience for every resident – and create value for our shareholders and partners.

  10. Give back.

    Give back.

    Our definition of “community” goes beyond our communities. We support youth in need with a focus on education through our charitable foundation, as well as encourage volunteerism by our corporate and property staff. For us, giving back means being good corporate citizens and making a positive difference for those in need.