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Our management services deliver the flexible options you’re looking for. Choose to self-manage your community, or utilize our expertise, operational experience and resources as you see fit. We can manage the entire operation, or work with you to develop a custom hybrid solution to meet your needs. Our role is always at your discretion.

Expertise when you need it.

We’ll work with you to help define your management services needs, understand your vision for the student experience, and together design a suite of services directly aligned with your objectives. Our grassroots expertise and specialized operating systems have proven to be the industry’s most effective and efficient operations platform. We’ll put that platform to work for you.


  • Business operations
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Residence life and student development
  • Staffing, with emphasis on corporate support

The student experience.

Student housing should be more than a place to live, it should be a place to thrive. That’s why our goal is always the same: deliver the best possible experience for every student by providing an environment conducive to healthy living, personal growth and academic success. It’s the environment students need to turn their potential into a lifetime of opportunity.

LAMS: Real-time marketing
and leasing for real results.

Our proprietary Leasing Administration and Marketing System (LAMS™) provides real-time data flow from our managed communities to our corporate office. Web-based and designed specifically for student housing, LAMS provides the up-to-the-minute information crucial to maximizing our leasing and marketing efforts. 

  • Monitoring all in-bound traffic, on- and off-line
  • Prospect follow-ups
  • Marketing response rates and effectiveness
  • Leasing statistics, including lease-up by unit type, year-over-year velocity, and price elasticity
  • Future period rent rolls for accurate cash flow forecasting and reliable budgeting


American Campus Communities has the highest annual average fall occupancy rate of any public sector company for 11 years running.

Market-driven understanding — and assurance

Delivering your vision requires understanding your market, your campus and your students. Gathering sound market intelligence is our crucial first step. We’ll help you identify opportunities to evolve your offerings, strengthen your overall housing system and establish market-based rental rates.

Assessing your market:

  • Existing housing offerings
  • On-campus assessment
  • Off-campus market survey
  • Student focus groups
  • Consumer feedback studies

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